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Welcome to Sivagangai Community College

Mother Theresa charitable and educational trust briefly called MTEC trust was inaugurated in the year 2002.the first institution formed under the trust was SIVAGANGAI COMMUNITY COLLEGE (scc).over the past 13 years the community college has been conducting one year course on catering, nursing assistant and pre-primary teacher training, our specialty is that we have tie up with corporate institutions such as Apollo specialty hospitals and taj coromondal hotels. We tie with gtovt, general hospitals and primary health centers, several other hotels and medical institutions in Madurai, Chennai, trichy and other cities, our students are given training in the various institution.

MTEC Trust and community college works development of youth, our students boys and girls come from backward economically poor rural families, many of them have not completed higher secondary education and all of them cannot be higher education in the university colleges.

Our institution picks up such poor backward students and gives them development to make them


Principle, Sivagangai Community College

they are given training in every aspet of youth developments in leadership skill development, social service and humanitarian activities, nationals integration ,environmental protection, legal awareness and they are members of red ribbon ,white ribbon clubs and etc,,,

Our students are real performers, we shaping such a way that they are able to any situation and in their life,becase of our training in leadership and various skills, they become FIT FOR LIFE AND FIT FOR JOB.

Our students have done very well in the examinations conducted by Tamil nadu Open University (TNOU).two students a boy and girl have won first, second, fourth, fifth and sixth places in the public examination conducted at TNOU.

Our institutions function with social responsibility. We don’t stop preparing our students for pass in the particular subject it be catering, nursing, or preprimary teacher training. Besides teaching the specific subjects they get involved in social, cultural and developments activities.

Global warming is a threatening issue. Our students participate in awareness program on environmental protection, planting trees to create a green environment.

Through Red Ribbon club they are organizeing activities to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and the care of patients. Through white ribbon club they defend the dignity of woman to safe them from sexual issues. Our students participate in traffic control with police assistance, consumer club and legal awareness made them more aware and conscious of citizen rights. Totally our institution involve in human developments through social responsibility, Anything we do has educational value.

Woman and child care is a special subject of our Nursing and pre primary teacher trainees. Because mother & child health is a basic necessity for society.

We involved in every aspect of human and social developments through education. Education we believe the fundamental base of human .We serve humanity, we promote national integration. We play a vital role in building a united, health, peaceful and happy society.